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Library Services for Online and Metropolitan Students: Articles and Databases


The James B. Duke Memorial  Library subscribes to over 100 different databases that have articles and information not available on Google!  They cover all subjects of academic research, from technology, history to business, and science to the arts.

Our databases will give you access to more than just scholarly journal articles.  You can search national and international newspapers, popular magazine articles, and industry specific trade publications.  Sometimes, these different sources of information are required for your paper.

Patrons can search our Databases by a list or by college and majors.

Popular Resources vs. Scholarly Resources

Popular Resource Characteristics

Are often written by journalist or professional writers for a general audience who lack subject expertise

Use language easily understood by general readers Rarely give full citations for sources

Tend to be shorter than journal articles

Work is typically reviewed by publication editors

May report research as news items, feature stories, editorials and opinion pieces.

Scholarly Source Characteristics    

Are written by and for faculty, researchers or scholars (chemist, historians, doctors, artists, etc.)

Use scholarly and technical language.

Tend to be longer articles about research

Include full citations for sources.

Are often refereed or peer reviewed (articles are reviewed by an editor and other specialist before being accepted for publication).

Selecting Reliable Information Resources: Tutorial

Accessing Library Resources from Off Campus

In order to access library resources from off campus, you'll need to be sure you copy and paste the database link in a separate browser: example below:

Library catalog screenshot

Then use your JCSU username and password to access the database:

Articles not at the James B. Duke Memorial Library

Request the article from Interlibrary Loan if it is not available at the James B. Duke Memorial Library

Articles are delivered electronically from libraries owning the journal

InterLibrary Loan forms are available at the Center of Information.

Use this link to make an online Interlibrary Loan Request:

Please contact Brandon Lunsford at or 704-371-6741 for more information.