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Library Services for Online and Metropolitan Students: How to Tutorials

Selecting Your Search terms

This tutorial will help students determine what search terms they would utilize when searching for scholarly, academic resources.

Library Learning Express

Achieve your educational and career goals. Learning Express Library offers students and adults unlimited, 24/7 access to targeted skill–building interactive courses in math, reading, writing, software applications such as Microsoft office, and Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as hundreds of online interactive practice tests that prepare them for several types of exams including grade school achievement tests, the SAT, GED, U.S. Citizenship, nursing, fire fighter, plumbing, civil service positions, and more?

Off-campus Link:  Learning Express Library 

Selecting Reliable Information Resources

This tutorial will show students the difference between scholarly and popular resources, locate reliable resources on the web and locate reliable resources utilizing library databases.