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English As A Second Language Guide: Aprenda Inglés: Listening and Speaking for ELL Students

Listening Comprehension

365 ESL Short Stories

Hundreds of stories and conversations for ESL learners to practice listening and speaking.

BBC Learning English

An engaging, multimedia approach to learning. Features specially prepared news videos, an ongoing YouTube series called The Flatmates, and an audio series entitled Keep Your English Up To Date. Also included are listening and reading exercises, quizzes, message boards, and discussion groups.

English Listening Lesson Library Online

Learn English naturally by listening to speakers from all over the world.

English Listening Lounge

Listening passages arranged by difficulty level, topic, and domain (American, British, business, academic).

English Listening Resources from The English Page

Links to listening resources for advanced English learners. Resources include free online news and culture broadcasts, online music, online movies, online radio and more. English Listening

Dictation practice, monthly news digests, links to English language radio stations, strategies for increasing your daily exposure to English, and more.

ESL Independent Study

Contains over 250 of the best Internet resources for ESL students. All Web sites are clearly annotated. Organization is by skill area and language level. Select the Listening links.

Randalls' ESL Cyber Listening Lab

Listening activities, organized by topic and level of difficulty, designed to help improved listening comprehension skills. Listening Lessons

Basic, intermediate, and advanced level listening practice.

U.S.A. Learns

Practice activities in listening, writing, speaking, and life skills necessary for success at work and in the community.

Vocabulary Builders

American Idioms

Click on an idiom for a sample paragraph providing a definition of the idiom and an illustration of how it is used.

American Slang

Provides definitions, sample sentences, etymology, and synonyms.

Language Guide

Sound-integrated resources for 13 different languages (with a choice of 21 native language interfaces). Particularly helpful for vocabulary building and word pronunciation.

Internet Picture Dictionary

Learn vocabulary by browsing through pictures arranged by subject category. Includes interactive learning activities.

Vocabulary Lessons from The English Page

Vocabulary building for advanced English language learners. English Vocabulary

Survival English, synonyms, and antonyms, lists of useful words, figures of speech, idioms, and quotes.

Conversation Skills English Speaking

Covers greetings and ways of addressing people in English, telephone English, and more.

Learn what to say and how to say things in daily conversations.

Improve your conversational English skills by listening to native speakers talk about various topics and practicing responding to real-life conversations.

Pronunciation Help English Pronunciation

Includes sections on word stress, sentence stress, homophones, phonetics, and more.

ESL Independent Study

Contains over 250 of the best Internet resources for ESL students. All Web sites are clearly annotated. Organization is by skill area and language level. Choose the Pronunciation link.

Perfect Pronunciation

Pronunciation exercises from Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary.

Pronunciation Practice

Pronunciation exercises and quizzes from Interesting Things for ESL Students Pronunciation

Explanations, instructions, and audio files to help you pronounce sounds correctly.

The Sounds of English

Handouts, audio practice, and diagrams showing the shape of the mouth when making sounds.