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Computer Science and Engineering: Introduction to Computer Science guide

Welcome to the James B. Duke Memorial library's computer science research guide. You will find here links to resources about programming, networks and web design. There is also a selection of links to free online tutorials, courses and books.

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Featured eBook: Trustworthy Cloud Computing

Trustworthy Cloud Computing cover art

Trustworthy Cloud Computing introduces the topic of cloud computing with an emphasis on the trustworthiness of cloud computing systems and services. This book reviews several cloud computing platforms, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon, Oracle, Google, HP, IBM, Salesforce, and Kaavo. The author addresses the problem of trustworthiness in cloud computing and provides methods to improve the security and privacy of cloud applications. Contains practical examples of cloud computing, test questions, and end-of-chapter exercises Includes presentations, examples of cloud projects and other teaching resources at the author's website (