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Visual & Performing Arts and Music: Print Books

James B. Duke Memorial Library Online Catalog

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How to access the James B. Duke Memorial Library Catalog to look for books:

  1. Go to and choose the books icon in the SELECT THE TYPE OF MATERIAL YOU WANT TO SEARCH section of the page.
  2. Under search tools go to format, select book and type in your search term(s) in the search box OR click the advanced search option, select limit your search, go to format and select book then type your search term(s) in the search box and press enter or the search icon.

Also, note that you may search the catalog by keyword, author, ISBN, title, subject, etc.

Useful Keyword Terms and Subject Terms For Searching the JCSU Catalog


 Keywords: music AND dance, dance AND culture

Subjects: Dance, Dancers, Dance in art, Art, American--Themes, Modern dance, Jazz dance, African American dance, African American dance--history, Rock and roll dancing, Choreography, Ballet, Dance--Africa, Ballet Dancing  



Keywords: Postproduction, Video Production, Scene design

Subjects: Motion Picture, Motion pictures Setting and scenery, Television Stage-setting and scenery, Cinematography, Editing, Television Acting, Actors, Animation (Cinematography), Animated films, Animators, Computer animation, Theatrical makeup, Stage lighting, Television lighting



Subjects: Graphic arts, Clip art, Commercial art, Drawing, Engraving, Painting, Printing, Television graphics, Graphic design, Photography, Animation, Computer animation, Computer graphics, Computer graphics--Computer programs, Web sites--Design, Computer animation--Computer programs, Illustrators



Subjects: Music, Musicology, Musicians, Composition (Music), Singers, Arrangement (Music), Music trade, Music trade--Technological innovations, Music and the Internet, Popular music--Economic aspects, Copyright--Music, Radio broadcasting, Sound recordings, Sound recordings--Marketing,Dance music, Folk music, jazz, popular music, musical form, vocal music, Feminism and music, Instrumental music, Gender identity in music, Music--Social aspects, Church music, Choral music, Hymns, Music--Performance



Subjects: Art, Painting, Drawing, Watercolor painting, Portrait painting, Post-impressionism (Art), Narrative painting, Scene painting, Landscape painting, Futurism (Art), Figure painting, Expressionism (Art), African American painting, Sculpture Technique, Modeling, Pottery, Porcelain, Decorative arts, Painters



Keywords: Technical theatre/Technical theaters, Stage setting

Subjects: Acting, Actors, Theater, Playwriting, Stage management, Stage lighting, Theatrical makeup, Theaters stage, Theater United States, African American theater, Theaters--Stage-setting and scenery, Theaters Sound Effects, Theatrical Producers And Directors, Theater--Production and direction, Music in the theater, Musicals




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