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Inez Moore Parker Archives: LEARN: Digital Preservation

The Inez Moore Parker Archives and Research Center preserves, selects, and makes accessible vital information pertaining to the University’s history and administration and the African American experience in the South.

About Preservation Week

Preservation involves saving and protecting valuable artifacts and information. Preservation can be done in physical and/or digital form. Digital preservation deals with collecting, saving and protecting digital files such as documents, images, audio/video, and multimedia. Some digital files are the result of digitizing a physical artifacts such as scanning a book. While other digital files are "born-digital" such as websites, social media communications and emails.

Preservation Week Activities

Preservation Week Page @ ALA
-  main information hub at the American Library Association.

Starting Small: Practical First Steps in Digital Preservation
- gives some tips for getting started with preserving your stuff.


About Preservation
- Main information and activity hub at the Library of Congress


Hours of Operation
Monday – Thursday: 9am – 1pm

2nd floor of the James B. Duke Memorial Library

Preservation Week - Presentation


Inez Moore Parker Archives and Research Center
James B. Duke Memorial Library
Johnson C. Smith University
100 Beatties Ford Road
Charlotte, NC 28216
Telephone: (704) 371-6741
Fax: (704) 378-3524


Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday : 9am – 1pm and 2pm – 4pm

2nd floor of the James B. Duke Memorial Library